My birthday in Soierie Vivante

My birthday in Soierie Vivante

Soierie Vivante organizes special weaving sessions for the birthdays of the kids, aged 7 to 12 years old! Booking is necessary. Children participate in a weaving workshop on mini looms to celebrate their friends’ birthday, and each of them goes home with a little present!
Creative sessions: each child is the creator of what he/she has made. This activity stimulates concentration, coordination and children’s imagination...
How does a weaving workshop work?

How does a weaving workshop work?

Discovery of a canut workshop!
When the children arrive inthe trimming workshop, they discover the inside of an authentic canut workplace, where the weaving looms rare 3, 60 meters high!
A demonstration of the looms allows the children to understand the methods they will apply during the weaving workshop: the crossing of the warp threads and the weft threads.

A bit of practice now!

Children become familiar with their little looms. They choose the colours of the threads and the coordinator shows them the creations they will be able to make (bags, pencil cases, balloons...). Every child finds their own technique and rhythm. The coordinator will assist them and advise them. Each child makes a unique piece!

Happy birthday!

A break is planned for the afternoon birthday cake: the candles are blown, the kids celebrate!

7 to 12 years old
In the trimming workshop
When ?
Please book at +33 4 78 27 17 13
Length ?
3 hours (for example, from 2.30pm till 5.30pm)
How ?
Maxi 10 kids (including your child)