Visites enfants maternelle
Visites enfants maternelle
Visits for playschools
For playschools: a visit to discover silk and materials
Each child touches the raw materials: cocoons, silk threads, bobbins, diverse silk fabrics.
A simple weaving technique is demonstrated to help them understand how the threads interlace and compose a fabric.
Then, we will demonstrate the “real trimming looms” for the kids for a sonorous display! A surprise is waiting for them at the end of the tour!

Age ?
4 to 6 year olds
Where ?
In the trimming workshop
When ?
From Tuesday afternoon to Saturday (9am-12pm / 2pm-6.30pm) by appointment, except on public holidays.
How ?
by appointment, Maxi : 10 pupils.
NB: if your group exceeds 10 members, you can keep the children busy (while are waiting for their tours) with a booklet allowing them to discover the neighbourhood.
Length ?
About 45 minutes.

Technical aid is provided
The association owns an educational kit (technical index card, cocoons, bobbins, fabric samples, shuttles, Jacquard punched cards...) that we lend to teachers on request, in order to prepare the visit in a fun way.

An educational team
Ask "Cladie" or "Hélène" for more information! (+33 4 78 27 17 13)