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Soierie Vivante is, in Lyon, the only association created for the safeguarding of silk heritage, recognized as being of general cultural interest.

The association aims to:

  • Facilitate the conservation , presentation and use of silk crafts in Lyon and the region.
  • Bringing to life the essential elements of regional heritage, machines and know-how, to make them better known to Lyon residents, visitors and tourists, particularly young people.
  • Have them arranged taking into account the requirements of authenticity of modern ethnography and the cultural elevation of the public.
  • Facilitate the maintenance of jobs and vocations linked to the promotion of professions.

To read: the testimony of Didier Mayer, member of Soierie Vivante

Thanks to your support, we will be able to successfully carry out our various projects in order to ensure our mission of safeguarding and promoting the heritage of Lyon's silk industry: this year 2021, we wish to complete the restarting of one of our professions trimmings, the “ear vine” profession. A new perforated cardboard has been installed, the chain threads have been replaced and the first shuttle strokes have passed!

Soierie Vivante is recognized as being of general cultural interest.

Contributions and donations entitle you to an income tax reduction allowing you to give more without spending more: take advantage of this to make a donation to the association knowing that a large part will be deducted from your taxes!


  • Contribution or donation: €25 → tax reduction (66%): €16.50 → actual expenditure: €8.50
  • Contribution + donation: €60 → tax reduction (66%): €39.60 → actual expenditure: €20.40

Your membership card entitles you to free entry to the trimmings workshop and the weaving workshop, and visit times for individuals without reservation (one card per person per visit).
Your card entitles you to a reduction on the organization of a children's birthday party!

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