soierie vivante 

Who are we, who are the teams and what are our missions

Who are we ?

Soierie Vivante was born in 1993 thanks to the tenacity and passion of a small group of enthusiasts such as historians, academics, Lyon textile professionals, residents and municipal officials, all concerned with preserving the wealth and originality of the neighborhood.

It was the former owner of the trimmings workshop, Ms. Létourneau, who was at the origin of this association. Soierie Vivante participated in the classification as “historical monuments” of Mr. Mattelon's handloom weaving looms and in the restoration of a very exceptional Damascus weaving loom in Lyon, equipped with Jacquard boxes from 1830.

Since 2013, the City of Lyon, after buying the weaving workshop, has made it up to safety standards, and has trusted Soierie Vivante to present it to the public.

Since this date, the association has offered guided tours with demonstrations on the looms, as well as activities for children (weaving sessions, birthday parties, etc.) and for adults (weaving sessions), in the two workshops. !

In 2023, the association celebrated its 30th anniversary!

Anchored at the Croix Rousse, our association adheres to several associations Croix-Roussiennes: the Republic of Canuts, Croix Rousse Le Village, La Croix Rousse is not for sale, the canut spirit ... and on a wider scale, in Associations of valuation of heritage such as heritage Aurhalpin and Tours, city of silk.


The desire to save places of origin strengthens the singularity of the association's approach. The association preserves a very present heritage in the 19th century, which marked the face of an entire district, and which would today be completely disappeared without its intervention.

This is not just another museum: you will be able to enter authentic family workshops, under the guidance of passionate animators, who will show you equipment in working order and communicate their enthusiasm and know-how.

Soierie Vivante also aims to facilitate the maintenance of jobs and vocations linked to the valuation of trades.

Every year

or almost...

  • Participation in European Heritage Days , since 1995.
  • Participation in the association forum , Lyon 4th, since 1999.
  • Participation in the science festival from 2005 to 2011. Soierie Vivante offered the following exhibitions:
    • “From Jacquard to electronics” (2005); 
    • “Textile materials” (2007); 
    • "Arreluquez mon ateyer !" (2008) ; 
    • “A world of velvet” (2010), 
    • “The silkworm over time” (2011).
  • Installation of the hand loom and weaving demonstration , free activities for children as part of the silk market from 2005 to 2013
  • Participation in the Festival of Lights (neighborhood entertainment): open house at the weaving workshop in the evening, from 2006 to 2011. Exhibition of works created by the children (2006 and 2007). Exhibition of Verdol paper lamps by C. Latzarus" (2008). Black light animation (2009, 2010, 2011).
  • Participation in the Lyon events “ Novembre des Canuts ”, “ Le Marché des Soies ” and “ Label silk, from canuts to contemporary creation ”.



  • October: participation in seniors day at Croix Rousse
  • October: participation in the “Tous au restaurant” operation, in partnership with the restaurant “Le jardin interior”
  • November: Soierie Vivante celebrates its 25th anniversary by organizing a retrospective exhibition on the workshops and its members. This exhibition was presented during Silk In Lyon (formerly Marché des Soies), and at the Maison des associations in the 4th arrondissement.
  • November: Soierie Vivante participates in Silk in Lyon: conferences, activities for children


  • April: crowdfunding operation, for the refurbishment of the shaping profession: nearly €6,000 raised to give new life to one of our professions
  • June: participation in the first day of the CE, interprofessional meetings
  • November: participation in Novembre des Canuts, with the free opening of the municipal weaving workshop during the bambane dedicated to Robert Luc
  • November: participation in the first edition of the new version of Labelsoie/Le Marché des Soies: broadcast of documentary films, conferences, activities for children


  • April: organization of a dedication of the book "The second shroud" by Pierre Monier, following in the footsteps of his ancestors, from Ardèche to the slopes of the Croix Rousse.
  • June: participation in the big trade week, with a scratch competition!
  • June: decoration of our 2 workshops on the occasion of Euro football
  • During the year: Soierie Vivante receives Norwegian, American, German television, and Brazilian, Swiss, and Spanish bloggers!


  • February : Reopening of the municipal weaving workshop, with more visits all year round
  • March : Soierie Vivante is participating in the major “Quais du Polar” survey, which has a total of 10,000 participants!
  • April : A president is elected at the head of the association, Anne-Marie Wiederkehr. She succeeds Michel Rodarie, who held this position for more than 20 years
  • June : Official inauguration of the municipal weaving workshop, in the presence of the Mayor of the 4th arrondissement David Kimelfeld, the deputy mayor of Lyon in charge of Heritage Jean-Dominique Durand, and Madame Renée Fighiera, then aged 94.
  • November  : participation in the “Soyeux Destins” exhibition, organized by the Japanese consular office in Lyon. The handloom is presented to the public at the town hall of the 6th arrondissement of Lyon


  • Purchase of the municipal weaving workshop by the City of Lyon: it is closed for work to bring it up to safety standards. The municipal trimmings workshop remains open!
  • May : the municipal trimmings workshop welcomes the Magazine “La Ficelle” on the occasion of the magazine’s 6th anniversary
  • Summer : Soierie Vivante changes its website to adapt to new digital media (tablets and smartphones)


  • All year round : Soierie Vivante celebrates its 20th anniversary! Many activities are organized with our neighborhood partners: Ludilyon, Meilleur Moi, Les Yeux dans les Arbres...
  • January : Edition of a special anniversary calendar, offered to members
  • March : Open day in the 4 workshops: trimmings, weaving, guimperie, Mattelon
  • April : members of Soierie VIvante take part in an outing to Daniel Streble's Guignol, with a chew
  • September : Internet competition to mark the association's 20th anniversary: ​​a weekend to win!


  • February to April : Participation of one of the employees in the “Stays for young professionals in museums” program, organized by the OFAJ, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (HdG), the Brussels Museum Council. Internship at TIM, a textile museum located in Augsburg (Bavaria).
  • May : Getaway to Aubusson organized for members of Soierie Vivante.
  • July : Animation at Place Bertone organized by “7ICI”, a collective of artists from Croix-Rousse.
  • December : Establishment of the partnership with the Ludilyon association: “Weave and file!”.
  • December : Establishment of the partnership with the bookstore Les Eyes in the Trees: “Eyes in Silk”.


  • May : Participation in the event “Chemistry, textile fibers: shared perspectives”, Croix-Rousse
  • June : Participation in “Loisirs en fête” at Domaine de Lacroix Laval, Charbonnières-les-Bains
  • July : Participation in “Muzz en fête” as part of “Everybody outside”, Lyon summer program
  • October : Participation in the “Au fil… De la Croix Rousse” exhibition, Lyon
  • During 2011 : Production of a film on Ms. Stival's guimperie workshop and Ms. Fighiera's weaving workshop (on sale at the boutique).


  • April 10 : 1st participation in the “Quais du polar”, Lyon.
  • December : installation of a braiding machine in the trimmings workshop, donation from the Maison des braids et laces de la Terrasse sur Dorlay, Loire
  • During 2010 : intervention by volunteers at the Gadagne museums, Lyon. Reassembly of the shaping loom



  • March : Inauguration of the trimmings workshop, after renovation
  • Summer : Intervention by Soierie Vivante volunteers at the silk museum, Taulignan. Reconditioning of equipment
  • Summer : Rescue and installation of the 1750 loom in the trimmings workshop
  • During 2009 : Intervention by Soierie Vivante volunteers at the Gadagne museums, Lyon. Reassembly of the pulling loom and staging of the shaping loom


  • January : Implementation of the “Little Trickster Saturdays” activity for 4/6 year olds
  • March : Participation in “The praise of the canuts” as part of the spring of poets
  • May : Participation in the “Silk Festival” in Lagorce, Ardèche
  • October : Open house weekend to mark the 15th anniversary of Soierie Vivante
  • During 2008 : Rescue and installation of Mr. Dumas' woven image loom at the trimmings workshop


  • April 17 - July 14 : Publication of the brochure "De fils d'Or et d'Argent" by Mr. Bannelier, vice-president of the association, as part of the event "The spirit of a century, Lyon in the 19th"
  • November : Setting up birthday parties for children (7/12 years old) in the trimmings workshop
  • During 2007 : Participation in the event "Fil d'hier et d'avenir" by the CCSTI du Rhône.


  • June 21 : For the music festival, Soierie Vivante welcomes the association of amateur musicians, at the trimmings workshop
  • July 4 - 16 : Installation of the hand loom and weaving demonstrations as part of the “Silk Road” exhibition in Sorgues, Vaucluse
  • October : Participation in the “creation and know-how” show at the Tony Garnier hall
  • October 24 - December 31 : Participation in “Lyon and the cities of art and silk” organized by Regard Sud


  • April-May : Installation of the hand loom and weaving demonstration as part of the cultural exhibition “From fibers to threads” during the Aigre fair, Charente
  • During 2005 : Setting up weaving sessions for children (7/12 years old) on small looms, in the trimmings workshop. Exhibition of children's works for the festival of lights at the weaving workshop


  • September : Setting up “trade corner talks”, conferences in the trimmings workshop.
  • During 2004 : Participation in the installation of 2 looms at the Bsouss museum in Lebanon


  • During 2003 : Refurbishment of the hand loom for demonstrations in the trimmings workshop.


  • During 2002 : Participation in the 150th anniversary of the attachment of Croix-Rousse to Lyon.


  • During 2001 : The weaving workshop on rue J. Godart was completely taken over by Soierie Vivante to save it from closing and the disappearance of the equipment. Inauguration in July. Visits are provided by Ms. Genty


  • February : The “Rhônalpin heritage” prize is awarded to Mr. Mattelon for his participation in the documentary produced the previous year
  • May : Participation in the exhibition “Perfume, rose and silk”, at the Orangerie du Parc de la Tête d’Or, Lyon
  • July : Ms. Letourneau receives the Croix-Rousse medal



  • January : Opening of a shop in the trimmings workshop
  • During 1999 : Production of a documentary on Ms. Létourneau's trimmings workshop and on Mr. Mattelon's handloom weaving workshop (on sale at the boutique)


  • March 10 - April 18 : Temporary exhibition "living fabrics: innovations and tradition" at the municipal trimmings workshop
  • October 3-24 : Exhibition “From sketch to fabric” as part of the Salon Regain at the municipal trimmings workshop


  • February 17 : Participation in the Notre Temps Retraite Action exhibition, at the Nouveau Palais des Congrès, Lyon


  • February 15 : Participation in the Notre Temps Retraite Action exhibition, at the Nouveau Palais des Congrès, Lyon
  • May 13 - 14 : Participation in the Silk Festival, Bourgoin-Jallieu
  • May 16 - 20 : Opening of workshops for the "Quilt expo", Patchwork Congress at the Palais des Congrès, Lyon
  • June : Soierie Vivante receives the wives of Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs during the G7 in Lyon.
  • June 21 - 23 : Participation in the Silk Painting Festival "the World of Silk", Le Chambon sur Lignon
  • October 7 : Opening of workshops as part of the Seminar of American Museum Curators: Friends of old French Houses.
  • December 14 : Participation in “Demain la vie”, a forum on retirement, at the Palais des Congrès, Lyon


  • March 26 : Opening of workshops as part of the Art Crafts Days, organized by the DRAC
  • December 8, 95 - January 31, 96 : Temporary exhibition "Passementerie of yesterday and today" at the municipal trimmings workshop


  • Creation of a silk circuit at Croix Rousse: 3 family workshops to discover: Letourneau, Mattelon, Alauzet


  • Creation of the association Soierie Vivante, with Henri Pansu, historian, as president. You can discover his work: Henri Pansu

Soiterie Vivante is ...

Guided tours

With demonstrations on the looms in the last workshops- apartments of La Croix-Rousse. The "Bistanclaque Pan" of trades (characteristic onomatopoeia) makes the sound visit and unforgettable!

Educational activities

Organized for children: weaving sessions (7/12 years), discovery visits (4/6 years). It is important for the association to raise awareness of this particular heritage.

250 members

10 active volunteers

3 employees

4 trainees trained per year